The House Borgandy

The House of Borgandy

The Borgandy family are a house of investors and bankers headquartered in Remballo. Rather than engaging in trade themselves, they finance caravans, expeditions, and land purchases for others. They do invest in town real estate, not only in Remballo but also in Manas and Olaric, but the only reason they would hold farmland is if they had foreclosed on a noble’s estate. The patriarch of the Borgandy Family is Romero Borgandy, and much of the family’s business is also managed by his daughter, Isobel Borgandy Razaan (the Razaan family is closely allied with the Borgandys).

The Borgandys provide a few services that might be useful to adventurers. First of these is simply to hold money safe for travelers unwilling to carry huge sums with them on the dangerous roads of the Borderland Provinces. The Borgandys do not pay interest on deposits: ensuring the safety of large sums of money is considered value enough in these uncertain times. Second, the Borgandys issue “letters of credit” that can be redeemed with other moneylenders in distant cities on the strength of the Borgandy family’s assets. Such letters of credit are extremely specific, with a description of the holder given in the letter itself, making them useless to thieves (other than shapechangers, perhaps). Moreover, the paper used for the letters bears a very specific magical watermark, difficult to forge even for a high-level spellcaster. The downside of these letters is that they cost 10% of the face value (a 1000gp letter of credit requires a payment of 1100gp), which is how the Borgandys make their profits and pay their distant affiliates for cashing the letters in.

The Counting House is, for obvious reasons, well fortified. A robbery would by no means bankrupt the family since they have extensive

realestate holdings, loans to nobles, and shares of caravan cargos, but there is still a formidable quantity of treasure stored away here.

One might expect the Borgandy family to be motivated purely by selfinterest, and there are unquestionably a few of them that fit the mold of a greedy banker. Most of them, however, are dedicated to the proposition that if they foster a more productive world, one that is governed by Law and mercy (commercially reasonable mercy, at least), their own trade will prosper. For a family that lives a thousand miles from any sea, their oddly maritime motto is that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” The family has informants and agents in several of the great cities, and in addition to the commercial information they get from this network, they have been piecing together information about larger-scale criminal activity. Unlike the counts and dukes and kings of the Provinces, the Borgandys assemble information that is not cut off by political boundaries, and they have a


much broader picture of the threats facing the Borderland Provinces as a whole. They understand many of the implications of Foere’s withdrawal from the region, and have also discerned that the northern-based Friendly Men appear to be a very far-ranging criminal syndicate. They even surmise that the headquarters of the Friendly Men is probably somewhere in Aachen Province.

Although they cannot pay well for purely altruistic missions, the Borgandys might be willing to hire traveling adventurers for a number of different tasks. They often have foreclosures in distant lands, investments that seem to be going bad for no discernable reason, and people they suspect of being dishonest in business dealings. They handle their own problems in Manas and Olaric for the most part, but always have need of trustworthy help in places such as Kingston, Troye, Alembretia, and even the distant city of Endhome. In particular, they are very concerned about the fact that one of the Borgandy cousins, Savario Borgandy, has disappeared (see Rogues in Remballo, below).

They do not engage in the opium trade that has started to develop in the area, not for moral reasons but because they want to avoid the violence involved in the opium-related gang wars that are simmering in Manas and elsewhere. “Violence is unprofitable business,” as they say.

Although it is not a common occurrence, the House of Borgandy occasionally does business with Loom Ché, a denizen of Leng who resides in the Unclaimed Lands. Loom Ché captains a ship that can sail through the misty seas between dimensions. For a price, he sometimes ships supplies of gold coin to the family’s offices in Mirquinoc and Endhome. Loom Ché and his associates are very, very dangerous and unpredictable, not to mention bizarre. Lower-level characters would be at great risk to even board the ship. However, a higher-level group of characters might have a chance to interact with Loom Ché through the Borgandy family.

The House Borgandy

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