Milestones along the road count down the distance to the city of Rembalo for the last five miles. When the city comes into view, it has the look of a fortification rather than a settlement, with high stone walls and substantial towers. Two flags fly over the galehouse, one of them a mounted merchant on an orange background, and the other a triangle of three coins on a field of black.


General Information

Remballo is a small city along the South Country Road between the capital cities of Olaric and Manas, where a wide cart-road from the kingdom’s rural interior joins the high road. The town is filled with merchants, petty traders, carters, caravan guards looking for employment, and others who make their livelihood along major trade roads. Much of the area inside Remballo’s walls is given over to warehouses and caravan yards, large inns, and animal corrals, all the requirements of a commercial city.



Remballo is not built upon Hyperborean ruins, as many of the cities of the Borderland Privinces are. It was founded in 3027 – at roughly the same time as Bard’s Gate – as a small trading post to take advantage of increasing trade from the southern cart road. The southern trail is usually called the Remballo Road, even though it is not paved in any way and winds drunkenly through the countryside, making sharp curves around woodlands and hillsides. To call it a “road” is quite an overstatement of the facts. Nevertheless, the Remballo Road is one of the longest decent trails through this part of the kingdom’s interior. A fairly steady stream of farm produce and other rural goods arrive at Remballo from the south, except during the mud season when rural travel becomes tremendously difficult for carts and wagons.


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