Getting Involved- the Plot

Getting Involved

The characters might get involved with the Four Corners in a number of ways: the Thieves’ Guild, the City Watch, and the Borgandy Family. The Borgandys are quietly searching for their kidnapped relative, Savario, aware that he could be fashioning letters of credit; they do not know if he has been kidnapped, or if he has turned to a life of crime. The City Watch knows nothing of the possible involvement of the Manas Thieves’ Guild or of the missing Borgandy relative. These are secrets the thieves and the Borgandys are keeping to themselves. However, the City Watch knows that something is going on in the Four Corners, wants to stop it, and has no way to do so — not officially, at least. The Thieves’ Guild, believing that the Manas guild is involved, wants to kill everyone in Four Corners without leaving a trail back to themselves. This is made more difficult by the fact that they believe they have a traitor in their midst.

The City Watch: If the characters come into contact with the City Watch, they meet with Captain Gustave Bouchard, who explains that the city cannot enter the Four Corners. But if the characters were to break in and find out what is happening, the City Watch also cannot prosecute the characters if they were to take everything in the place. The guards would prefer that the characters capture any wrongdoers and take them out of the Four Corners for arrest, but they won’t lose sleep if there are a few deaths. Because of their legal constraints, they cannot pay for the characters’ work, but they have talked to the House of Borgandy about some sort of secret payment from the city’s premier family. They just don’t want to know about it. Captain Gustave gives them a letter of introduction to speak to Romero Borgandy, head of the family. He also gives them a copy of the player map of the Dead Fiddler Square neighborhood so they don’t have to waste time scouting it out.

The House of Borgandy: If the characters come into contact with the House of Borgandy and appear to be reliable, they are brought before the aged Romero Borgandy and his daughter Isobel, who explains that their cousin Savario has disappeared and must be recovered. They believe that he disappeared in the vicinity of Dead Fiddler Square, and willingly give this information, but they do not mention the possibility that he might be forging letters of credit. It is possible that this contact happens because

the City Watch sends the characters to get the promise of a reward from the family. If this is the case, the Borgandys offer a reward of 1000gp for handling the situation in Four Corners, and 2000gp if they can recover Savario — keep in mind that at this point, no one knows that the two missions are connected. If the characters agree to help, the Borgandys give them a copy of the player map.

The Thieves’ Guild: Finally, it is possible that the Thieves’ Guild will contact the characters. This will be done in secret by the guild’s second in command because the guild does not want to alert a possible traitor in their midst. The agent, Master Thief Leonora Spider (N female human Rog8) will of course not mention the possibility of a Thieves’ Guild traitor, but will caution the characters not to talk to anyone in the Thieves’ Guild other than herself. If the characters are obviously concerned about this, she explains the traitor problem. If the characters agree to undertake the mission for the Thieves’ Guild, the guild pays 1000gp for a successful mission, and 500gp toward raising any casualties from the dead at the Cathedral of Thyr and Sefagreth. They give the characters a copy of the player map.

Getting Involved- the Plot

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